Day 2- Kishanpur

  • day-2

What is it that everyday challenge that is virtually impossible to accomplish? Arising from bed at dawn! Well at our camp it happens painlessly. And then, having supped a hot cup of tea, we board the super rugged 4 X 4 masculine Thar with its sky high roof top and venture into Kishanpur range for Jungle Safari. 

The second day is dedicated to four celebrities of Dudhwa: Kishenpur Range, Jhadi Taal Wetland, birdlife of Dudhwa and swampdeer (state animal of Uttar Pradesh).

Mist and fog makes you feel as though you are entering a magical fairyland. As we are the early birds, we blaze the forest trails for the others to follow. We are the first to witness the burst of early morning activity. The greatest attraction here is Jhadi Tal Wetland. I daresay it is the most beautiful place on Planet Earth. We perch atop a watch tower, while sipping hot coffee and munching sandwiches, to behold the kaleidoscopic scenery of this place: a vast water-body skirted by grasslands and forests and above all the multitude of god’s creatures: crocs, waterfowl, otters and herds of swamp deer (or barasingha). Jhadi Taal is what makes Dudhwa unique; because this is the last viable refuge of the endangered swamp deer. And you believe me the tiger is lurking around for sure. This is the range that boasts of the highest density of tigers in the reserve.

It would not be an exaggeration to describe our camp as a health camp. Having returned back to the camp, had breakfast and spent some time at leisure, you can visit a nearby farm to slash sugarcane. You can then extract fresh juice at the camp ‘kolhu’ or extractor itself a la bahubali style. Do squeeze a lemon to savor the healthiest drink ever made!

In the evening, we trek through and through the forest to the banks of the mighty Sharda river, the lifeline of Dudhwa. Sharda has an unpredictable course. Her flood-plains stretch across for miles. Upon the silt bank, as though it were your own private beach, we spread across a mat for you to sit barefoot to feel the soft silt. While your kids build sand castles, you can delight in watching the sun set. 

And right there in the backdrop, what a panoramic view: the woods are indeed ‘lovely, dark and deep.’