Arranging Logistics is a big challenge at the Camp, but we tackle it with our military-style strategy and acumen.
Karavan will make the very best of arrangement despite the constraints of limited electricity, water supply, the isolated location, etc.
We strive for perfection in all the departments. Nothing would be found wanting: the breathtaking Campsite; the romantic Jungle Tents; the lodging; the delicious food; the hygiene and waste disposal; and the humble luxuries of life, Lanterns, candles, matchboxes, books and what not. We have it all for your team.


Our camp is scenically located. Ensconced in the midst of the Jungles and grasslands, the camp provides an ethereal space for undisturbed communion with Nature.
Jungle Tents with Western Toilets

Pick your Luxury Suites: Banke, Tara, RLS, Billy, Garuda and many more. Our Jungle Tents are named after the legends of Dudhwa. The tents are large roomy, spacious and comfortable.
They are made of Canvas and each tent can accommodate 8 students. The tents can be zipped open and closed. The entire tent can be sealed and secured. Our tents provide warmth in winters and are cool in summers. They are highly aesthetic and the layout is perfect. The color merges with the surroundings and gives you a feeling of being a pioneer naturalist a la Corbett. We provide cozy and comfortable bedding consisting of mattresses, sheets, pillows and quilts (or sleeping sheets, as per the season) Every room tent is provided a semi-permanent toilet tent with running water and western seats.

Delicious Food

At NEVS Camp food is sacred, all members of our team truly respect food as we know the toil it takes to raise the crops. Our logistics team toils its heart out to arrange for healthy, wholesome, mouthwatering dishes, desserts, soups, great snacks. The culinary delights of our logistics team are not to be savored elsewhere. The next thing is the menu, based on suggestions and feedback of our campers, we offer a diverse menu. One meal could be Awadhi, be from our own region, others could be Chinese, South Indian or Continental. We ensure the food is high on nutritional content because our schedule is physically challenging.

Hygiene and Sanitation

As a matter of principle and also from the practical point of view, our Campsite is always spic and span.If the hygiene and sanitation of a Campsite are found wanting, the best experience stands ruined! The fact that our campsite is always tidy has been highly appreciated. The Forest Department extends its cooperation to us for this very reason. We encourage the Campers to abide by the concept of Zero-Pollution throughout the camp and we have received excellent support.

Environment Policy

We observe a very strict environmental policy of Zero-Pollution. Wastage of resources (fuel, lighting, water, paper, etc.) is minimal. We make a conscientious effort not to disturb the wildlife by noise and loud music. We serve only vegetarian food. Waste is properly segregated. All the organic waste is disposed in a pit.
Bio-non degradable waste is collected in sacks and taken away for municipal disposal. We vacate the Campsite in its original state. It is difficult to imagine if it was here that someone lodged here at all.


We arrange for quality transport: good busses and jeeps.

Humble Luxuries

A Jungle Camp experience ought to be made mandatory. It instills a certain discipline and attitude of toughness. In these circumstances of limited resources, Karavan provides things of such convenience that it fills you with joy; because their utility cannot be visualized.
It is a sheer surprise to find it with you when you need these ‘little things’ most.
A Personal Touch

you will find our entire staff very disciplined and courteous. All your concerns will be addressed sincerely.