Karavan Heritage and Nature Society

Conceptualized by three dreamers in 1998, Karavan Heritage & Nature Society has evolved into a multi-faceted organization. The society is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Uttar Pradesh under the Society Registration act of 1860(Registration number 3881). The core members of Karavan hail from diverse fields; army, journalism, academics, marketing, medicine & civil engineering. Our eager-beaver members are willing to go an extra mile to accomplish the mission of Karavan.


Our Mission:

India is the unchallenged world leader in the frontiers of philosophy, art and culture. Her beauty and diversity are unrivaled. India is not merely a country; India is an Eternal idea. This Idea is imprinted in the minds of her countless children. Indians call this imprint, the sanskaras. These sanskaras give the Indian Civilization a distinct identity in the world

The members of Karavan Heritage and Nature Society are mesmerized by the idea of Eternal India; the ancient guru of humanity; the spring of wisdom. Can one really experience this Eternal India? Yes, certainly! She can be experienced in her jungles; in her wilderness; in her myriad life forms; in the midst of her villages; in her monuments; her books; her history and culture…..

‘Karavan Heritage & Nature Society works to sensitize people to the Idea of Eternal India’

Our Work

Nature Study Programs

Nature Study Programs are one of the most successful and popular of the activities of Karavan Heritage & Nature Society. The prime objective of the Excursions is to provide students an insightful understanding of our unknown natural heritage. We have organized hundreds of such Programs where thousands of students from prestigious schools in Lucknow have participated. Students are taken to wilderness areas and through creative games and exciting activities, students are sensitized about the importance of these places. For the participants, these programs unfold a new world of discovery.

Environment Workshops

Karavan Heritage & Nature Society also organizes Environment Education Workshops for school teachers,studentsand government organizations. This event is structured to stimulate the thinking process and keep the participants on the edge of their seats. There is no space for boredom, no hi-fi lectures nor any sermons. Through simple participative means we disseminate the message of Environment Conservation

National Environment Science Camp

Every year since 2006, Karavan Heritage & Nature Society has successfully conducted the National Environment Science Camp or NEVSC at Dudhwa National Park. This Camp is a nationwide student’s movement for Environment Education and Conservation.

Right from November to March, we pitch our tents in the heart of Terrai forest of Dudhwa. Teams arrive on successive slots to explore the dense Sal forest, spooky swamps and vast grasslands of the endangered Terrai region. We dwell on a new theme every year: Habitats, Evolution, Web of Life, with an entirely new set of activities. Until 2010 around 1000 students, from Jalandhar in the North to Ooty in the South and from Guwahati in East to Nagpur in West, have become a part of this movement.

Gjnasa: the Summer Vihar

Karavan organizes a month long summer program for children. This outdoor program is conducted early in the morning in and around the residential areas. Gjnasa means The Quest; the quest for knowledge; the knowledge about our own beautiful world; the world in which we live but are not aware of. Through a series of boisterous activities, Gjnasa challenges the kids to observe, think and reason. It unleashes their creativity. It sensitizes the kids about their environment and surroundings. Gjnasa encourages kids to work as a team. Gjnasa is learning through trial and error, experimentation, by fun and games.
Gjnasa Residential program is also organized in month of May at Ooty, Tamilnadu

Scientific Documentation

Karavan upholds the belief in Citizen Science; Science that is not confined to ivory towers of institutions and laboratories. We are thus working for proper documentation of the flora of the Karela Wetland. We have conducted a study about the various uses of the plants in this wetland. Through this purposeful study, we hope to rein the pestilential exotics, protect the endangered plants and cultivate the economically useful ones.

Karavan is also working to document the culture of the Tharu Tribal Community of Dudhwa National Park; artifacts like the handicrafts; the cultural heritage of the music and dance; and especially their environment friendly way of life.

Karavan is always on the lookout of interesting, unknown, forgotten places and unprotected wilderness areas. Our efforts have led us to some unbelievable places like the Giant Banyan Tree of Lucknow, The Frog Temple at Oyal and many more. We thus hope to preserve these Natural Treasures by enlightening the ‘world’ about their existence, importance and preservation.

Conservation Work


1. Karavan has mapped a dried jheel (water body) and has designed a comprehensive strategy for its revival, keeping in the human and environmental perspective in mind.

2. In July-August every year, we undertake plantation work. We have planted some 5000 saplings. It gives us a lot of satisfaction to see that 70% of the saplings have thrived.

3. Karavan mobilized its own resources for the renovation of a 200 year old temple at Hulaskhera Archaeological Site, Mohanlalganj, Lucknow. This temple has great cultural, historical and archaeological value.

All the Karavan members are proud of our work, however miniscule it may be. And it is our fervent desire to involve ourselves further for the cause of Nature and Heritage.