Field Study Camp enables IB students, research scholars, PG and UG students (of Environment Sciences, Life Sciences, Geology, Geography and Social Sciences) to experience nature like a hardcore naturalist. In fact, the scope extends to just about anyone with an eye for nature.

At this Field Study Camp, we strive to elucidate the ecology of the Dudhwa and Terai forest in totality. We shed light upon the geography, historical perspectives, habitats, flora and fauna, endangered species, forest management practices, conservation status and threats, forest- village communities, anthropogenic pressures and man-animal conflict.

Above all, we aim to evolve an environment conservation model that can be practiced and implemented by each individual participant at his community level. We firmly believe that an individual can influence his community through his soft power. And, thus, mitigate the distress on planet earth at a micro-level.

Field study Camp