Day 1- National Environment Science Camp

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A hearty welcome to you to National Environment Science Camp, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, The Eleven Star Reserve of India! Yes Sir! This is an Eleven Star Reserve because here you encounter eleven legendry celebrities.

This, dear Sir, is our cozy and comfortable Camp. Each and every tent is orderly placed under a mango tree. And there lies the tree-line of Dudhwa forest. Congrats! Your voyage as a Naturalist has just begun.

Today, we want you to experience the life of a Naturalist and make you feel the Sal forest first hand. Sal is the numero uno, the top most star celebrity of Dudhwa

After a refreshing drink, you are led to your own luxurious jungle tent. This is Nagaraj. That’s Batalaik. That’s Shera. Each tent is dedicated to one great celebrity of Dudhwa. These celebrities are both human and ‘in-human’ so to say.

In authentic jungle style, tents are camouflaged and secured. And in true Maharaja style, these tents are tastefully done with provision of all creature comforts: beds, camping chairs, fans, charging points and attached washrooms with hot and cold running water. Think of an item and it is in place, especially for you.

Your experience of Dudhwa as a Naturalist is possible nowhere else but at National Environment Science Camp because our approach is simply inimitable. We begin our exploration of this vast 1200 square km area through a sand-model presentation. This sand model provides a bird’s eye view of the Terai landscape. It also ignites curiosity about the places we shall be visiting: Kishenpur, Dudhwa and Katarniaghat Ranges.

After a delicious purely vegetarian lunch, which is served with homely affection, you are taken for a daring jungle trek in the territory of His Majesty, Royal Bengal Tiger, escorted by Karavan team member. The first feel of the forest is awesome; feel the waft of jungle breeze; enjoy the melody of silence and chirping of birds; hug majestic Sal trees and embrace their pals —–Rohini and Bhaat trees.

After tramping the dust tracks, you are back at camp, not really tired, but, sure enough, hungry as a hunter. We know that! And guess what, we have alit the campfire just for you and moreover we have some mouth watering snacks. As it gets dark, we’ll send a shiver down your spine with enchanting web of jungle legends to the accompaniment of actual video shoots of wildlife shot by our own members; because all of us here are passionate about Nature lovers and Wildlifers.

We’ll let you retire to the luxury of your tent only after a cup of hot tea. At the stillness of night, and mind you it is just 9 pm, while you brood over the beautiful moments of your day, you can hear the faint alarm of a deer, that goes kook-kook-kook, he is warning his peers about the prowling tiger. In the midst of all this, owlets flutter around the camp, you can hear them loud and clear. “It’s bedtime folks”, they seem to say.