This camp is focused on the ones who have a Camera but anyhow do not know the technical aspects or maybe how to operate it. This camp will get you an experience of a Wildlife Photographer.
You can learn Exposure Triangle while walking through the Tiger’s Territory, can learn white balance watching Birds and Animals. You can learn framing and composition while on a jeep safari roaming in the forest in search of enlightenment as a photographer.

From the first day of the camp, students will be behind the camera, learning the craft of photography through a combination of in-camp instructions, experts supervised photo tours and individual assignments. Over the 5 day course of the camp, students will become familiar with and learn how to shoot in the many genres of photography, including Wildlife Photography, Landscape & Nature Photography and Street Photography and Documentation of your surroundings through capturing them with your own camera.

The main goal of the camp is to train amateur students to go on an expedition and click photographs at a professional level. This means that students learn how to execute an assignment quickly and effectively, developing their own style of seeing and shooting nature in this world that makes each image they take instantly recognizable as their own. Students can even learn new things based on their interest through long-long discussions sitting beside a bonfire under a camp surrounded with wildlife calls which are actually roaming deep in the jungles.

The Photography Camp at NEVSC prepares emerging photographers for a future in the field and trains them to shoot at professional levels, providing them with a fun and challenging environment in which to grow as Masters of Photography.