Feedbacks received by participating teams or individuals.
Teachers coordinator’s feedback on NEVS CAMP
Ms. Meenakshi Sharma, Ms. Seema Kumar, Mr. Randhir Singh, Delhi Public School, Jalandhar
“Studying about nature from books and movies is not enough. One has to experience it, find out ways to preserve and nurture it and that cannot be done in classrooms. Camps like these are essential for an overall development, education of a child…………………”

Mrs. Maya Mukherjee, Centre Point School, Katol Road, Nagpur.
‘The National Environment Science Camp at Dudhwa National Park is one of the most unique camps which gave us an insight to the varied aspects of nature. It was more useful for me as I teach what I saw. I am Carrying with me a treasure trove and I am sure I am going to motivate more and more students to attend it……………………..’

Dr. Kamesh Mittal, Columbus Public School, Rudrapur
‘We observed that the children who use to sit quietly and never gave responses in class, were also found to be activity participating………………..’

Ms.Abha Ratra, Tagore International School, Delhi
‘All the activities/dares were extremely exciting and were a revelation, giving  insight to various concepts in an application based manner!!….’

Mrs. Rafath Shahnaz, Oxford Grammar School, Hyderabad
‘It has indeed made our children understand the literal meaning of the sentence “judicious usage of resources” and indiscriminate plundering of natural wealth leads to exhaustion which mere class room teaching cannot offer. These things can be inculcated only through practical exposure………………………….’

Ms. Zahida Malik, Centre Point School, Wardhman Nagar, Nagpur
“The fury of nature that we experienced will remain the most memorable part of our camp experience……Schedule made for children was excellent. Unknowingly they have learnt so many things which are really difficult to teach theoretically………..”.

Ms. Archana Neginhal, Principal Blue Mountain School, Ooty“The Karavan Team had created a program that challenged young minds. The modules and activities were based on thinking skills and expected learning outcomes were:
-ability to respond
-work as a team and present observations
-making connections and internalizing concepts.
Fortunately, I must say, they were not ability to reproduce facts and figures or textual matter.
Well organized, well planned, yet open ended in terms of structure! I feel it was a great success.”

Dikha Das, S.N Das, Teacher coordinators, Delhi Public School, Guwahati, Assam

“The various activities conducted could enable the students to show up their hidden talent. They were exposed to the knowledge of various species of plants and animals, which is one of its kind….”

Mrs. Tanuja Cham, Teacher Coordinator, Center Point School, Nagpur

“In the National Environment Science Camp the skills; values and knowledge were so easily simplified through various activities. It inculcated the sense of responsibility in every participant……………….”.

Alka Sudan, Teacher Coordinator. Delhi Public School, Jalandhar, Punjab

“The sanitation and hygiene conditions were excellent. The food was completely out of the world, very well planned menu and nutritious meal……………………”

Hema Surapaneni, Samuel Osmond, Teacher Coordinators, Oakridge International School, Hyderabad

“The camp environment was excellent and its placement is perfect, the beds and the tents are well equipped, the toilets are good ……”

Pooja Karpey Sai Rao, Student Oakridge International School, Hyderabad“The Camp at Dudhwa was an experience that helped me grow as an individual………..”
Himanishaila Das, Faculty Sela Qui World School, Dehradun, Uttarakhand “I did not expect much when I was on the way to Dudhwa but after reaching here we got something which is beyond expectations. I would love to come back again and again to Dudhwa national park……………………”

Deepak Purohit, Faculty, Mody School, Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan

“It was an object oriented camp and its entire goal accomplished………………….”.

Students of National Hill View Public School BangaloreYou remove hurdles, Between us and nature
Helping us to realize, It’s the best teacher.
Mujtaba Yameen Head Boy Oakridge International School, HyderabadTo walk in a forest which is a tiger’s territory is completely different…”
Bastar tribe KCPSARP School Vijaywada Andra pradesh“We learned to work with each other as a tribe….”
Predators Tribe, Mody School Laxman garh Sikar“Oh! Very deadly, Fun, Imaginative, Enjoyed with Java man….’
Tribe White Tigers from St Paul’s School, Udaipur, Rajasthan“We discovered many things  we never thought of. Nothing in the forest is useless…”
Chameleons tribe, Delhi Public School, Jalandhar“Best day of our life! First hand experience of the forest, the Python, the Bara singha and the majestic Tiger fortunate to see them all…….”
Cockroaches tribe, Blue Mountain School, Ooty“The Turmeric Flowers are red, they have some what like eye ball on them”
Ms. Manju Menon, Ms. Ratnika Govil, Mr. Arvind Kumar teacher coordinators from Vidya Sanskar International School Faridabad”The Camp is a a good initiative by the Karavan Team to make students aware of the Environment. We thank them for giving us this opportunity to learn and explore. Their effort is really appreciable………….”
K Nagamalleswara Rao, M Raghavendra Rao, teacher coordinators from KCPSARP School Vijaywada”The Commitment and affection of Karavan Members towards their camp theme was fantastic, hope they maintain their Eco-friendly and Zero Pollution attitude and motivate others also towards it………….”

Ms. Jyoti Saren, Ms. Chetali Trivedi, Mr. Tajas singh Puwar, Mr. Nirav Pandya,Narmada Calorx Public School , Bharuch

There is a lot of things about campus which are liked by us. But it can’t explain in written. I say only in a line…..
“The National Environment Science Camp is a shining star in the Dudhwa National Park”.

Nilesh D. Patil, Teacher, Dhruv Academy, Sangamner

“Personally it’s a very wonderful experience for me. I really enjoyed bird watching & jungle safari at Dudhwa camp, its camp gave golden opportunity to bond with mother earth.  In the very simple way they are showing the beauty of nature to the students, along with they are teaching how we can conserve it. My best wishes are always with you. I am thankful to you for organizing such extra ordinary camp. THANK YOU………..    “

Mr. Urvish Patel, Mr. Tejas Mehta, Mrs. Beena Sreejith, Mrs. Shruti Ranede, Chanderbala Modi Academy, Ankaleshwar, Gujrat

The management at the camp was excellent. We thank you for keeping students engaged in wonderful dare activities where student could show their hidden talents……….”

Ms. Bharti Singh, Ms.Parul Bhardwaj, Ms. Seena K.S Teacher Coordinators,  Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School, Jaipur

“This has been an amazing journey & a complete new feeling of forest life for us. We felt the stillness, the beauty & the camping or wildlife in us. It has been a privilege for us to experience such place………”

Ms. Nidhi Sood,Ms. Nikita Chopra,Ms.Meenakshi Tickoo, Ms.Aarti Verma,  Teacher’s Tagore International School, Delhi

“The whole experience can be described in one simple word as FANTASTIC. It was an out of the world experience for our children……..P.S. # Will always remember the delicious food served to us with so much of warmth ………”
” The SURVIVER’S INSTINET task was the most adventurous and memorable experience. All the best!! Keep up the good work ………”
“Karavan was a memorable experience for all. It was very well organized and well managed, all the members of Karavan were always ready for help…..”

” Karavan C for Comfortable, for Admirable, R for Royal, for Awesome, for Venue (wonderful) for Artistic and N for Niche is what the camp is…….”

Lost Stars Tribe, Navrachna International School, Vadodara

“All of us conquer our fear that was surviving in the wilderness without the use of technology and other digital equipment. We took a break from our routinely lives and learnt more about the different ecology terms in India. We also learnt how various animals react to tourist and the patience required observing wildlife. Overall all of us improve on our time management skills and our team work. We had fun with nature and its biodiversity………”  

Ms.Rehana Badar,Ms. Lata Purohit, Mr.Akil Yusuf ,Teacher’s, Centre Point School, G-3, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur

“We had a great experience from day 1 till the last day. The way children were involved is commendable few children who are generally least interested were found to be participating enthusiastically in all the dares. Interest of all the children were taken care of be it dance, Music, skit etc. Although children were aware of conservation of wildlife they got a chance to experience the nature practically. Thank a lot!!!!!!

Haunted Eagles Tribe, Centre Point School WN Nagpur G-2

“The camp will be etched in our memory for life as it sensitized us to the beautiful world of nature around us, the happiness we feel when we eat the fruit of our hard work.
It teaches us how to be independent & also the importance of home cooked food & above all “PARENTS” ………

Mr.Praveen Waliola Teacher, Centre Point School, G-1, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur  

“Amazing! Wonderful! Fantabulous! We all had awesome experience at the camp……..”

Ms.Srirupa Ansari, Ms.Ruby Wadhawan,Mr. Pankaj Shukla Teacher’s Puranchandra Vidyaniketan, Kanpur

“The information that we gained during our stay and the new approach that was drilled within us for the love and knowledge of nature will remain with us and would be shared with one and all.
Thus I would like to end up by stating that it was a highly informative, interesting, creative and enjoyable camp…….”

Mr.Prem Chettri, Mr.Abhichek,Ms. Ranjeet kaur, Ms.Harpreet KaurTeacher’s Delhi Public School, Indira Nagar Lucknow,  

Fun filled and educational activities to stimulate some dormant minds also, through, which many of them get a chance to find their hidden talents.Away from T.V.’s, laptops, music equipments etc. With were not missed for even a fraction of a second by both students and accompanying teachers.Making them do these activities and utilizing their super energies enhancing them in the right direction is the best part of this camp………

Ms.Shalini Gupta, Ms.S. Ahamed, Mr.Priyank Simon, Mr.Vincent Clifford, Teacher’s, La Martiniere Boys College, Lucknow

“It was a pleasant experience staying amidst nature in a natural seething We were taken good care of by the hospitable staff. The children were kept busy with the different activities and enjoyed themselves ……..”

Mr.Chaudhary Manish Singh,Mr. Prashant Srivastava, Mr.Sunil Sonker Teacher’s, Oxford Public School, Morarkhera, Lakhimpur

“It is good site and forest specially in wild forest student can learn many things about wildlife and environment. They can learn how forest and life is important for life………

Mr.Abhishek Nag, Mr.Soumyadri Chattopadhyay, Mr.Swapneel Patil

“We spent on excellent 3 days in the wilderness of Dudhwa National Park staying at the Dudhwa camp. We were extremely well looked after with regards to accommodation, food and of course the safari into the national park. We were very well informed about the history of Terai by Mr. Vikrant. Wildlife sighting in the forest were a bonus, with all the 3 safari being guided by the very knowledgeable Mr. Lokesh as well as several able guides during each of the safaris surely among one of our finest wildlife experiences in India, and worth another visit in the future……….”

Ms.S Sharma , Principal, Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School, Jaipur

“I write to thank you for conducting the nature camp for our students. I have just heard their account of it and must tell you that it was a very good learning experience from what I can judge. They enjoyed it immensely and told me in detail of all the activities they had. It appears to have been a well planned and executed programme.
I look forward to a long association with you.

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