September 5, 2023


As you behold the tree line from our Campsite, you experience immense peace and quietude.

The experience of Dudhwa at Karavan’s National Environment Science Camp has its own unique flavour.

Our Camp, designed exclusively for students, has a cosy, relaxed and homely feel. It’s a place people find hard to bid adieu to.


Far, far up in the Northern Lands of Tundra and Taiga, as the icy cold winters spread their tentacles, thousands of birds take wing to more hospitable climes down south. They fly past the mighty Himalayas and descend upon the amazing Terai Jungles at Dudhwa. This is the Final Frontier. Here the stubborn jungles refuse to be tamed. Here the spooky swamps stagger the bravest of the brave. Here vast carpets of grass spread beyond the horizon. Here myriads of creatures, both great and small, nestle in the apparent stillness and quiet. Soundlessly, the forests are spinning with activity. 


The entire Campsite is fenced, and Safety and security are doubly ensured.

 While keeping us safe, the chain-link fence does not obstruct the magnificent view of the forest tree line. A camper enjoys being part and parcel of the landscape without feeling any kind of insecurity.


Our Jungle tents are dedicated to the legendary personalities of Dudhwa

The tents are large, roomy, spacious and comfortable. They are aesthetically laid out. They are made of rugged Canvas cloth that has survived the most hostile weather. Each tent can accommodate 4-5 students. The tents can be fully zipped and secured.

Our tents provide warmth in winter and are cool in summer. They merge fully with the surroundings and the occupant feels like a true naturalist. We provide cosy beds with mattresses, sheets, pillows and quilts.

Along with every tent, there is an attached western toilet and running water supply.


We have a large dining tent, where students can comfortably enjoy the meals, A separate Campfire tent is pitched for evening activities and a campfire.


At the Camp, we organize challenging activities called Dares. These Dares stimulate the spirit of courage and kindle the quest to fathom the unknown. At another level, they sensitize our Campers towards Nature, Environment and Wildlife.

Karavan’s methodology is pretty simple. We simply ignite a spark, the Campers take the process to the logical end themselves.


“This is the best Camp of my life,” exclaimed a Camper. I was the happiest person on the earth to have heard this remark. I felt that my objective had been fulfilled. But I couldn’t have accepted things at their face value. I had to probe and introspect deeply.

The camp was as much a process of learning for us as for the Campers. In fact, we learnt more than what we could disseminate. I made it a point to take proper feedback from each and every Camper. Everyone came up with interesting suggestions which I simply couldn’t have thought of. The feedback helped us in the micromanagement of the Camp. It helped us fine-tune our efforts. It contributed to the success of the Camp.

But the most valuable lesson that we have drawn is the warmth of a personal touch. Every single participant is special. To understand this is to understand the mantra for successful Camping.



1. Learn, learn and learn.

2. Unconventional style of learning An Extract from Poem, Students of National Hill View Public School Bangalore ‘You remove hurdles, Between us and nature Helping us to realize, It’s the best teacher………………’.

3. A new feel of adventure and entertainment MujtabaYameen Head Boy Oakridge International School, Hyderabad “To walk in a forest which is tiger’s territory is completely different…”

4. Experiments

5. Outdoor classrooms

6. Discipline without regimentation PoojaKarpeySaiRao, Student Oakridge International School, Hyderabad “The Camp at Dudhwa was an experience that helped me grow as an individual…”

7. Interaction with teams from all over

8. Tribal spirit Bastar tribe KCPSARP School VijaywadaAndrapradesh “We learned to work with each other as a tribe….”

9. Hands-on activity Predators Tribe, Mody School LaxmangarhSikar “Oh! Very deadly, Fun, Imaginative, Enjoyed with Java man….’

10. Discovering nature, and environment as never before Tribe White Tigers from St Paul’s School, Udaipur, Rajasthan “We discovered many things we never thought of, Nothing in the forest is useless…”

12. Etch your name in annals of conservation

13. Take back Dudhwa with you. Chameleons tribe, Delhi Public School, Jalandhar “Best day of our life! First-hand experience of the forest, the Python, the Bara Singha and the majestic Tiger fortunate to see them all…….”

14. Ability to observe with a new eye Cockroaches tribe, Blue Mountain School, Ooty “The Turmeric Flowers are red, they have somewhat like leathery feeling……….”

The National Environment Science Camp is an honest attempt to complement the studies at school. Karavan has endeavoured to enable the participants to actually touch, see and feel the knowledge they glean from their textbooks. This Camp is an effort to create in real life, the wonderful ideas that are taught in the classrooms. We have designed a very creative strategy to help students understand the Environment. We have limited ourselves to igniting the spark of discovery. It is our firm belief that the youngsters are smart and sharp enough to take the assigned task to its logical end.


In 1998, nine spirited people armed entirely with zeal and zest established Karavan Heritage and Nature Society; an organization devoted to environmental education and Conservation.

In the past two and a half decades, we have evolved ourselves as an organization of character and commitment. We have gained extensive knowledge of Heritage and Nature. And, we have shared our vast experience with thousands of people through our environment-based Camps, Workshops, online programs and Field Studies.

Yet, the Karavan team is striving to learn more and to improve further because a True Institution can never rest on its laurels.

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