March 19, 2024
One-Day Camps



While Lucknow City is famous for its majestic historical monuments, few people are aware of the unique though somewhat unknown natural and environmental treasures of Lucknow.

Over the past twenty-five years, Karavan Heritage and Nature Society has endeavoured to enable school students to discover the Natural Treasures of Lucknow through its Experiential Learning Camps. Through these outdoor and activity based programs, we strive to create awareness about nature and conservation and also foster holistic learning and life skills.

In the month of February 2024, around 1000 students, right from pre-primary classes to senior classes and even teachers, participated in our camps.


These camps are organized at different locations like Rasoolpur Forest Rest House, which is a part of Sarojini Nagar Range. This forest rest house is located amidst a tranquil forest, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our other venue is Kukrail Reserve Forest and Ghariyal Conservation Centre. This green island amid ever ever-expanding urban landscape is world renowned for the conservation of endangered gharial.  Our third venue is the Hulas Kheda Archaeological Site which dates far back more than 3000 years; this site is located in Mohanlalganj, off Lucknow-Rae Bareli Road; this site is a treasure trove of ancient artefacts and secrets.


Students and teachers from the following schools took part in our camps:

  • Seth Anandram Jaipuria, Golf City, Lucknow
  • La Martiniere Girls College, Lucknow
  • Bal Bharati School, Lucknow
  • DPS Indira Nagar, Lucknow
  • Isabella Thoburn College, Intermediate Wing, Lucknow
  • St. Agnes Loreto Day School, Lucknow


As a part of these camps, we organize exciting activities that have a structured methodology.  Students are divided into groups and are placed under the guidance of a mentor from our team. The underlying objective of the activities is to instil teamwork and stimulate problem-solving ability. Credits are awarded for the activities and the best performing team wins token prizes.

Weathering the Woods:

Teams venture out into the Rasoolpur forest with the help of a route map to orient themselves. They are tasked to identify the forest trail by locating 8 flag posts positioned in the forest recesses. By locating the 8 flag posts, participants discover the beauty of the forest. They also get an opportunity to watch birds and observe bluebulls. Each team is accompanied by a mentor, who keeps a watchful eye over them.

Team Games:

Our engaging and fun-filled team games – Tug-of-War and Capture the Flags – demand planning, teamwork and proper execution.  They test both physical strength and also mental agility.

Other Attractions at Rasoolpur FRH:

At Rasoolpur people can explore the Forest Department nursery where a wide variety of saplings are nurtured. The Miyawaki Plantation is also an interesting exploration of this place.

Kukrail Forest and Ghariyal Conservation Centre and Museum:

At Kukrail Forest, campers get to know the importance of social forestry in an urban setting: how a plantation forest functions as a green lung for our city. Ghariyal Conservation Centre here is one of its kind in the world. At this centre eggs are incubated, and hatched; gharials are reared and released into their natural habitat upon maturity.  This project brought back the gharial back to life from the brink of extinction. 

Only our campers have the opportunity to eyewitness and understand the entire conservation work of both gharials and turtles.  Visit to the museum makes this camp even more fascinating.

Hulas Kheda Archaeological Site:

Karavan‘s experiential learning camp at Hulas Kheda village provides participants to unearth the antiquity of Lucknow. At this archaeological site, we inform our campers all about the background, excavations, history, artefacts and structures that have emerged from the mounds.


Our camps are not limited to just academic pursuits. We undertake the responsibility of setting up a decent campsite for the convenience of the participants. Our dedicated team arranges for the seating, restroom facilities, delectable meals, drinking water and props for activities. We ensure the proper cleaning of the campsite; coordination with government departments and vendors etc. We execute it all with ingenuity. We strive to adopt eco-friendly practices and minimize our carbon footprint by proper segregation and disposal of waste.


Both teachers and student campers have expressed appreciation for the activities and arrangements at our camps. Our meals were awarded a high rating. Teachers commended the unique locations. They like the concept and methodology of the camp. They applaud the role of our mentors. And foremost, they recognize that their students have gained a lot through the camp.

The positive feedback of the school authorities underscores the success of our effort.

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