Tagore International School, East of Kailash, New Delhi

January 8, 2020
NEVS CAMP 2019-2020

Campers from Tagore International School participated in National Environment Science Camp with full enthusiasm. They were clubbed into two tribes: African Lions and Deadenders to explore our theme for 2019-20; HABITATS: HOME SWEET HOME.

Once comfortably settled in their Jungle tents, campers moved in forest to explore Woodlands-Wetlands-Grassland like a true naturalist with a help of a route map. They marked the habitats on map, felt the Abiotic and the biotic components, looked for Signs of Wildlife, interviewed villagers as CIB(Campers Investigation Beuro). Prized sighting for today was 6 Black Shouldered Kites in Grassland, one with a field mice in her talons!

After Lunch we faced strong winds and heavy rain at the camp.It was an amazing experience with Elements of Nature under just 2 sheets of canvas as tents!

As a part of Dare HUL we went to Manna Tanda Forest village and interacted with villagers about the material used in construction of their homes. Campers were astonished to see how villagers made their own homes using mud, grasses and wood.

Evening they searchedfor VETAL to find out his answers in the dare TERA X

Day 2 The two tribes went on a mission to track and trap a man eating tiger in the dare XPEDITION in Sharda river forest. campers made their own shelter, weapons for self defense and a trap for the tiger. A trip and a pit trap was really interesting

Afternoon they boarded the jeeps for the DARE: RUGGED ROADIES, after the previous day rain the forest was inviting, the wildlife sighting was good: 4 species of Deer, Wild boar, Antelopes, Otters, Migratory Birds, Birds of Prey and the Majestic Male tiger of Jhadi Tal.

The campers tried to find out the habitat and food of all wildlife sighted, they were lucky to observe the hunting attempt of a large Male Swamp Deer by the Tiger from the watch tower.

At campfire they relished the self-done Barbeque.

Next Day morning after breakfast they moved on with a promise to share their discoveries at camp with their friends and families

We at Karavan would like to thank all our Campers, Sushmita ma’am and Ankush Sir for their enthusiastic participation at National Environment Science Camp, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

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