January 24, 2024
NEVSC | 2023-2024


On the foggy morning of January 13, 2024, a large group of students of City Montessori School, Chowk Branch, Lucknow, embark upon an exciting journey to National Environment Science Camp in the pristine Dudhwa Tiger Reserve for an educational and adventurous experience.

The incredible energy of the campers overturns the winter morning into a lively affair. It even coaxes out the Sun God to shine bright in the afternoon.


Campers participate in several activities like observing nature at the Sharda River floodplain. At Dare Endeavour, campers emulate the skills of a naturalist through tasks like tent pitching; crafting weapons of self-defence and cooking in primitive style using dried leaves and fallen wood.

Exploration and Infotainment:

Evening time is also charged with spirited performances during Dare Jungle Jamming. In this musical session, Team Tribe Garo gives an exemplary performance. The culinary treats provided at the camp continue right until dinner. Campers express their gastronomic pleasure with numerous adjectives and superlatives.

Jungle Jeep Safari:

Campers are awoken early the next morning. Soon after their morning tea, they board jeeps for a jungle jeep safari in the dense forest. They are thrilled to witness the majestic Grey Headed Fishing Eagle in action hunting its prey. The forest landscape seems like a magical dream kingdom.  The campers are captivated by the beauty of the Terai forest.

Closing Ceremony:

Back at the camp, everyone savours a hearty brunch meal. They engage in a spirited tug-of-war contest. Tribe Garo emerges victorious once again. At the closing ceremony, while Tribe Garo and Ukuhae receive Gold and Silver medals, all other campers receive certificates of participation. Tribe Garo lifts the Winner’s trophy.

We warmly invite your institution to participate in the National Environment Science Camp at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Please join this unique nationwide experiential learning contest where participants discover about Nature, Wildlife and Conservation like nowhere else.

Please do contact us for more information:

at +91 9839073822  or +91 9451175539 or email us at [email protected].

You can also visit our website for registration details.

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