Terrai Ecosystem: Woodland-Wetland-Grassland

At the dawn of our freedom, the denizens of this paradise known as Himalayan Terrai woke up to the vast expanse of dense Sal forest, interspersed with large stretches of grasslands, bordered with sparkling streams, rivers and lakes. The Jungle law prevailed, maintaining the peace and harmony in the paradise.

We had earned our freedom only to enslave the denizens of this paradise. Soon the settlers displaced from partitions arrived here in hoards. The grasslands were first to be invaded and converted into monotonous, hungry agricultural farms, thick dense forest was chopped to meet their requirements and wetlands were drained or filled for their lust. Their home, their paradise destroyed; the wild life was killed or displaced.

The only saving grace or the silver lining is Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, the last remainant of threatened Terrai Ecosystem. The dense, dark Sal woods, the swampy reed beds and the vast stretches of grasslands: still survive in the paradise called Dudhwa Tiger reserve. This paradise is home to millions of species right from the king Tiger, the humble termites to the simple Tharus; all live in harmony at Dudhwa and the law of jungle prevails.

This is a key habitat for number of endangered species like Swamp Deer, Bengal Florican, Hispid Hare, Swamp Florican, reintroduced Rhinoceros, Gavials, Tiger and many more. The Wetlands of Dudhwa are winter home to Lakhs of migratory water fowl which comes from far off lands.