Every edition of N E V S Camp is a creative challenge; because every year, we think of a new camp theme.
We have to do that because a new theme incubates newer ideas and gives rise to a different set of operational issues to sort.

The Karavan Team simply enjoys working on such challenges. Moreover, several campers visit our camp time and again. We do not want them to have a sense of deja vu.
During our previous Camps, we have helped the participants gain insight about a variety of environmental topics: Habitats, Bio-diversity, Evolution of Life on Earth, Life beyond Earth, Story of Man, Conservation, Life forms: their Adaptations and Survival.

The theme for the next edition of N E V S CAMP is: WINGZ “A PEEP INTO THE WORLD OF BIRDS”
The Objective of WINGZ at National Environment Science Camp is to understand characteristics, components, importance of habitats of birds and to contribute to their conservation.