If ever there is a survey to identify the safest places in India, Dudhwa National Park would rank on the top. The Forest Department and the disciplined Tharu Tribal community deserve full credit for preserving the tranquility of Dudhwa.

Karavan, on its part, works overtime to see that no freak incident of fire or accident takes place. We have a full-fledged contingency plan to tackle an emergency.

The entire Campsite is now completely fenced. Safety and security are now doubly ensured. Wild and feral animals and trespassers cannot come in and (naughty) insiders cannot slither out.
While keeping us safe, the chain-link fence does not obstruct the magnificent view of the forest tree-line. A camper enjoys being part and parcel of the landscape without feeling any kind of insecurity.

There is a well equipped Hospital with 24 hours emergency facility just 5 KM from the campsite.