Dear Principal and Teachers,

The annual migration of the Karavan team to Dudhwa National Park for the National Environment Science Camp, NEVSC 2009-10, finally concluded on 27th March 2010 with the dismantling of tents. It was indeed very difficult to retreat from this Paradise.

But it marked new dawn because we were filled with Ummeed or hope for Dudhwa. The pugmarks of hope are imprinted on the Dudhwa soil and also in the minds of young boys and girls from different corners of India. The NEVSC participants braved long journeys to Re-discover the Garden of Eden. They are the very Ummeed of Dudhwa.

Having sought the blessings of Van Devi, the Revered Guardian of Dudhwa, we set out to organize the National Environment Science Camp to enable students Observe, Experience and Conserve our Pristine Environment. As modern lives get more artificial, as our bonds with Mother Nature weaken, we thought of an innovative strategy to woo the youth. And so, we designed the DECA-DARE to touch their hearts and kindle an understanding, appreciation and affinity for the Bounteous Nature.

The Deca-Dare is a race with ten courses (Dare1or D1, D2, D3….….. D10). Each course is more challenging than the other. We dared the Campers to overcome the ten courses using both brain and brawn. It was a tough, tough challenge as Campers tried to outperform the others. It was a contest that tested one‟s wit, decisiveness, observation and analytic power and of course the spirit of adventure. The Campers described the “Deca-Dare” as “Awesome” “Amazing” “Thrilling” and what have you.

The Three Hundred Campers were an irrepressible bundle of energy. Even the indefatigable Karavan team had a hard taskmaster in them. The Campers abhorred rest. Their quest for knowledge was immense and they would turn things upside down to seek answers. We had a tough time and the most wonderful time with the Campers.
The Camp benefited both the Campers and the Organizers. The Campers while being appreciative of our effort have given us some invaluable suggestions and ideas. We are thankful to them and assure them that we‟ll work on our shortcomings and grey areas.


The National Environment Science Camp is a Mission for Environment Conservation. This year the Campers have made a substantial contribution to conservation and have thus accomplished the Mission of the Camp.

It is common to have lots of fun during any Camping program. But NEVSC is more than just plain fun and amusement. At Karavan, we believe that every single individual has to make an important contribution to the cause of conservation. During the Dare Eco-Regiment, each and every Camper picked up shovels/ spades/ cutting-swords and embarked upon de-weeding the jungles of weeds like lantana, teliacora and congress-grass that have infested the local ecology of Dudhwa. The enthusiasm of the Campers was simply amazing and they performed a pretty good job.

The Campers also contributed for conservation by purchasing the eco-friendly handicrafts (woven by the local Tharu community) as souvenirs to carry back home. The sale of the handicrafts generates an additional income for the Tharu household and in turn lessens the dependence of the people on the forest products.

This Conservation Exercise has been the greatest success of the National Environment Science Camp 2009-10 and it wouldn‟t have been possible without the whole-hearted support of our Campers. I think our joint campaign, Together Let‟s Save Our Paradise, has begun in earnest.

The Dudhwa Post retraces the journey of our Campers as described by the Tribe Scribes at NEVSC. We organize the participants into tribes at Dudhwa. The tribe members select a Headman, a Wiseman and a Tribe Scribe. The Scribe records the day to day progress of his tribe. The Tribe Scribes have created a voluminous document of their Camping Experience. We have a select compilation of the Journals submitted by the Scribes.

The Journals provide an exact and vivid description of the National Environment Science Camp: Re-Discover the Garden of Eden.
Please do take a look at the Dudhwa Post and honor us and the Tribe Scribes with your opinion about it.


Camp Leader.

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