Experience World’s one of its kind Terai Ecosystem: The Dense Sal Forest-Vast Expanses of Grasslands-Spooky Wetlands

Suggested Program:
(The Visitors can choose the number of days as per their convenience)

Day Activity
1 Arrival and Welcome
Nature Trail in Buffer Forest:Experience the Forests First Hand
Camp Fire in the Evening
2 Morning Safari @ Dudhwa National Park
(Elephant Ride to Rhino Area)
Interaction with the Tharu tribals at the Tharu tribal Village
The Mohana River beach
3 Birding in the Buffer forest in the morning
Evening safari at the Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary
(Jhadi Tal: Large herds of Barasingha, Huge flocks of Migratory Birds- good density of Tigers)
The Sharda River Front
Campfire in the Evening
4 Morning Visit to the Nepal Border and the Dhangari Town in Nepal
Evening Safari in Satiyana Grasslands
(vast expanse of Grasslands)
5 Day Visit to the Katarniya Ghat Wild life Sanctuary, an excellent Tiger Habitat
(Ghariyal and Gangetic Dolfhin Sighting @) Gerwa River)


Karavan Heritage and Nature Society can organize all the arrangements for the visitors for a Life time experience at Dudhwa National Park

write to us at [email protected]for any queries.